Sunday, April 1, 2018


This is it!!! Ellie's book is NOW AVAILABLE!

The book is Daisy, Bold & Beautiful and it's the first in Ellie's Middle Grade/Young Adult Greek mythology fantasy series!

Who is Ellie? She's my 11-year-old daughter. Learn more about her here on her new author website!

She's also on facebook:

Daisy, Bold & Beautiful is on Amazon and is soon to be available on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, GooglePlay, Kobo, as well as other popular bookish spots!

Ellie aspires to work for Blizzard Entertainment, making video games someday. She animated the book trailer to Daisy, Bold & Beautiful, herself. I think it'll look very nice on a resume sent to Blizzard someday!

We're very excited, proud and thankful, as Ellie's first review has rolled in - a phenomenal five-star review from the popular book blogger, Sandra Vattimo (of the famed Feed My Biblio-Diction blog), no less!

A few brief words from the author, herself:

Fun story: Ellie's first copies of Daisy, Bold & Beautiful arrived in the mail Wednesday. I had to pick her up from school, so I took the box with me, knowing she was anxious to open it. Herresponse in the hallway as she tore into the box was priceless, and I regretted not recording it to share with her publisher. That night, before bed, I asked her to describe for Mr. Geez and the rest of the folks at Fresh Ink Group, how she felt when she got the books. Here was her response:

Happy April, everyone, happy Easter and please help me to wish Ellie a very happy Book Birthday by checking out Daisy, Bold & Beautiful!  :)